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Chair Covers

Posted by Thomas Callaghan on March 17, 2013 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (1)

We at Events by TLC have put together some ideas to ensure you achieve your vision for your wedding day.

Colour Matching.- Starting with the Chair covers themselves what colour will best compliment your venue. Do you have a blank canvas like a country chic traditional or lined marquee possibly a beautiful hotel with soft muted colours or maybe a venue with a colour theme already in the room

Your Venue – Does your marquee have an ivory lining or does you venue have ivory linen. If so ivory chair covers are required. If your venue is full of natural light and has white linen, white chair cover will be needed. Whatever you choose make sure you have a look at the cover on a chair prior to booking not only can you ensure the quality you can ensure you are happy with the colour. Avoid looking at a swatch it is always better to see the cover and sash together to get the full picture.

Chair Cover Style and Quality – Do look at the various styles of chair covers that are available. Do you like the sleek look of a lycra stretch cover or does a loose fit chair cover suits your theme. Maybe something a bit different like our new Satin Cowl ( The Kylie ) would suit your venue. Whatever you choose ensure they are the best quality. Simply they need to look fabulous when fitted, a good feel to the material and a lovely thick fabric not transparent. This is particularly important if you are considering a ‘Do it yourself’ solution or ordering on line always request a sample well in advance of your big day. If you want to be really different, chair covers can come in all sorts of patterns from animal print to black and white striped.

Sashes.- Now this is where you can have some fun. Experiment within you colour pallet it does not always have to be identical to you brides maids dresses for example. In fact it does not have to be the same colour on every chair or table. Sash Materials – There are some fabulous sash materials to choose from it does not always have to be a standard sheer organza sash. Satin sashes give fantastic depth of colour taffeta is rich and very opulent. A well pressed satin or taffeta sash when tied into a bow will give far more definition and look spectacular. As with the chair covers always ensure you see your sashes fully dressed on your covers at your consultation with your chosen supplier prior to booking. As we always say don’t colour match your sashes from a small material sample or swatch. Look at your sash tied in your chosen style dressed on the chair. This is particularly true with organza which looks totally different on the chair. It is a very transparent material so the colour does change completely, it is so much lighter when not folded as it is in many sample books.

Sash Tying styles – Ask your supplier to tie the sash in a variety of styles, bows are lovely but there are so many other options to consider, it could be a simple contemporary style or something more ornate.



Posted by Thomas Callaghan on January 28, 2009 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Candelabras, The Glow You Have Been Looking For.

Offering you Candelabra, the conventional and beautiful set of multiple cosmetic candlesticks, each of which holds a candle on each of the multiple arms plugged to a column or pedestal. Candelabras are stunning centrepieces and tablescapes perfect to set up at various occasions as they enhance the class and portray the sophisticated choice of the host.

One such occasion is wedding. Wedding flowers, diamond rings, marriage vows, perfect decoration, these are some of the many essential things both the bride and groom would love to have on the most important day of their life their wedding minus any imaginable flaw. One such crucial step is having the desired venue decorated such that it looks a replica of a fairy tale wedding. Who doesnt want it?

Wedding decors should not only look posh and classy, they should completely and truly portray the theme of the wedding without being too heavy on ones pocket. One of the most sought after wedding table decoration items is the centrepiece and the one and only item that attracts numerous people all over the world is Candelabra. Black Candelabras have continued to make waves at weddings and various other occasions. We offer Black Candelabras, Bronze candelabras, Lucite candelabras, crystal candelabras, candelabra accessories and so much more - you name it & weve got it! For instance, we offer exquisite 5 arm/ wick Black Candelabras of 78cm which are easy to dismantle for transportation purposes.

The icing on the cake is that these Candelabras go perfectly well with red flame taper candles as well as LED taper candles. Also, these black beauties are being made available in colors like acrylic, silver and black so that you have more to options to choose from according to your likes and decors.

Take our word for it, Candelabra can actually transform the entire look of the event with their breathtaking appearance. The majestic feeling and the traditional look is a cherry on the top. Whats more, Candelabra is something which is absolutely customizable. Decorate as you please, flowers, cup cakes, fruits, ribbons, as you please to give the final touches of your choice. Its a sure shot choice to set off the occasion.

Why Choose Us?

Our clients choose us for we understand how elegance can be best represented to make your wedding a dream come true! With this understanding in our mind, we make our products in line with your requirements.

Our product candelabra, is available in a wide array of designs, styles, shapes, sizes and cost and also with special arrangement for extra lighting. The designs include a sleek, tall cylinder vase with oriental lilies and crystal gel balls. Moreover, our white sophisticated candelabras provided with rose petals for a romantic essence to a martini vase filled with Christmas baubles add that majestic touch to the evening that youll never forget.

Candelabras dont fail to make a mark and strike their presence at a wedding scene. With their unique style they sure are eye catchers. With candelabras present in good number like on a dining table they create a picture perfect scene.

MAKE A STATEMENT! Glow along with the candelabras!


Posted by Thomas Callaghan on January 28, 2008 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (20)

Choose Chiavari Chairs with Chiffon Hoods with Ruffles for Any Occasion

You need perfect arrangements in place to make any occasion grand, no matter whether it's a wedding celebration, conference or a cocktail party. While decorating the venue, most people overlook chair decor details. But with the proper selection of embellishments, even an ordinary chair can be turned into a piece of visual appeal.

To make this possible, different chair decor traders such as Chaircover Depot offer amazing choices for reception tables, banquet chairs, etc. Of them, chiavari chairs with chiffon hoods with ruffles are very popular.

Chiavari chairs with chiffon hoods with ruffles are no ordinary choice. These are designed to impress without any hesitation. These ensure a celeb worthy style and are ideal for different occasions like weddings or parties. Chiavari or wooden chairs in Liguria style look eye catching in chiffon hoods.

The chiffon hoods have an inherent rich feel. These are available in two main colours including ivory and dusky vintage pink. Both these colours are naturally soothing and very royal in look.

To accentuate their feel a bit more, the choice of ruffles is also provided. The thoughtful combination of fabric and style makes this product absolutely divine, lavish and perfect.

How to use ruffles in Chiavari Chairs with Chiffon Hoods?

Ruffles are provided as an additional attachment with ties. If you choose chiavari chairs with chiffon hoods, you can simply tie the ruffles to the bottom of the hood. This will give a picture-perfect look to your chairs. These stylish chairs can be used in any corporate event or wedding. Their amazing look and design simply imparts a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Whether you are planning a corporate event, a social gathering or wedding, think about chiavari chairs with chiffon hoods and ruffles. Everyone, even the choosy guests, will all talk about your selection and eye for details.

 You can pick from any of these options based on your preference, budget and need. Make sure to pick a suitable colour for your product. You can also get your requirements customised if you so desire.


Posted by Thomas Callaghan on January 28, 2006 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (31)
One of the things that wedding planners and designers often overlook is the wedding chair sashes. If you want to make your reception venue more than just a place to dine and dance, then you should take careful consideration on what sashes to use for your chairs.

Events by TLC is well known for stocking a wide range of colors of organza, taffeta and satin. Colours are very important for a bride so she can acquire her desired dream function. With several colour choices available, you can easily match the colours of the sashes to the colour of your wedding theme or whatever you have in mind.

Wedding chair sashes when applied correctly can add beauty to the room and this is something you can either do yourself or use a venue dressing company. They will be the ones to assemble the chair sashes, focusing on the alignment and design concept so the end result will be quite beautiful to look at. Imagine the impact of colour coordinated chair sashes when you have more than 50 chairs in a room.

 Our Skilled staff will be more than happy to send you different shades of colours to choose from and if you want; we can give you some advice on how best to make a statement with these chair sashes on your wedding.

Paying attention to details such as the length of the wedding chair sashes, their colours and the fabric to be used means a lot to our company and if you want to make your wedding reception really stand out, check out the products we have to offer.